Developing social cohesion

The Nîmes Métropole 2030 project.

The Nîmes Métropole agglomeration is made up of 260,000 inhabitants in 39 municipalities. In autumn 2016, in order to prepare for its future, the conglomeration decided to put in place a project to be achieved by 2030.
It is a veritable “road map” in terms of development, social cohesion, town planning, transport, housing, economic development, environmental preservation and the management of resources for the next decade.

Ecological toilets in the woods

The BOIS DES NOYERS is the largest green space to the south of Nîmes city centre. This site has been conceived so that everyone is involved in the consultation process. A hybrid space combining economic and leisure activities that facilitate the de-compartmentalisation of uses in order to promote exchange and give birth to new projects. It allows both urban and nature activities to coexist.

Lezard des murailles au Bois des Noyers - Nimes

Towards a new, accessible, green space

Sports, boules, chess, shared gardens and picnic areas, make for a lively place to share with a varied flora and fauna i.e. hedgehogs, woodpeckers or the rare Geoffrey’s bat.
In this natural setting, in the heart of the city, public toilets were needed that would conform to important environmental requirements.

Two KL2-PMR toilets (for people with reduced mobility) await the first visitors, in early February 2020.
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