On the Gulf of Morbihan

ERDEVEN, is a town located on the magnificent Gulf of Morbihan.
Its endless beaches are part of the largest belt of sand dunes in Brittany. They extend from Pointe de Gâvres to Fort Penthièvre. Erdeven is also well known for its menhirs and dolmens.
Kerminihy is a naturist beach, Kerouriec, a family beach and Kerhillio is well known for its shallow depths and gentle waves that allow everyone to enjoy the water. A real paradise on earth.
The municipality launched a sustainable development policy, as part of Agenda 21, in 2009. We met the decision-makers through this new initiative.

Robust comfort and privacy

To improve the welcome to its exceptional locations, the Marie d’ERDEVEN called upon KAZUBA’s expertise.
The mission was to build toilets that were not connected to any sewage systems, that would not discharge into the environment and would fit perfectly into the natural surroundings. Due to the vagaries of winter storms and exposure to salt spray, we needed completely weatherproof cabins.
We readily accepted this challenge

Already made to last

Three KL2-PMR toilets with external urinals, are now installed in the car parks adjoining the beaches of Keminihy, Kerouriec and Kerhilio.

Our cabins have become so successfully integrated, on the beaches of Brittany, that they have inspired artists. See Fanch Galivel’s photos.

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